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Since our inception in 1995, Intermark has focused on the niche market of top-quality legal and financial translation.


Intermark Language Services was founded in 1995 by Atlanta attorney Thomas West. During his law practice, he discovered how difficult it is to obtain useful legal translations from translators without a legal background. Seeing the real need that lawyers have for translations that they can work with, he left the practice of law to found Intermark in 1995. Over the years he has been joined by an expert group of freelance translators, all of whom have a strong background in law and many of whom have a law degree themselves. By 1998, Intermark had been named a “top business” in Business Start-Ups Magazine, and was featured in a full-page spread in Smart Money Magazine. In the ensuing years Intermark has developed a reputation not only in the United States, but also in Europe and Latin America, as the firm to turn to if your legal translation has to be right. In 2020 Intermark celebrates 25 years in business. Here are some of our key areas of expertise:


  • German. Around the turn of 21st century, Intermark developed a specialty in translating stock offering prospectuses from German to English, and made a name for itself among the leading law firms in Germany. Since then, translation of complex contracts and securities-related documentation has been a cornerstone of our practice. We have also translated a number of contracts and other documents from Switzerland, where the legal German differs significantly from the terminology used in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Spanish. In the field of Spanish to English, Intermark was the lead translation firm on one of the world's largest lawsuits, involving claims against Chevron in Ecuador. In that context, Intermark was called upon to translate hundreds of thousands of texts ranging from entire statutes and codes to court rulings, legal treatises, contracts, pleadings and legal opinions.

  • French. Listed French companies file an annual registration statement (similar to a Form 10-K in the United States) called the document de référence, and Intermark has developed expertise in translating these registration statements. An Intermark presentation on translating the document de référence is available here. We also regularly translate laws, contracts, requests for proposals, pleadings and court decisions from French to English and have expertise in the legal French of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.


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