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Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business

Published in June 2012 - Now in its second edition!

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The Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business provides a ready reference to essential terms and phrases used in all areas of law and business, including accounting, banking, civil law, civil procedure, contracts, corporate law, criminal law, criminal procedure, economics, intellectual property, labor law, real property, secured transactions, securities law, and torts. It provides complete coverage of terminology used in all Spanish-speaking countries, not just those countries where the other bilingual dictionaries on the market were written (i.e., Spain and Argentina). Accordingly, it is the only source for translations of terms that are unique to countries such as Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Peru and Venezuela.


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Trilingual Swiss Law Dictionary:

French to German and English

German to French and English

Published in May 2017.

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This is the first trilingual dictionary focused solely on Swiss legal terms, translating them from French into German and American English and from German into French and American English (including hundreds of terms for which does not provide an English translation). It is fully up-to-date and includes the new terminology of Swiss civil procedure and criminal procedure that have been in effect since 2011. In addition to those two areas of law, the dictionary also covers civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, debt collection and bankruptcy, and corporate law. Particularly tricky terms are accompanied by a brief explanation, and where the term differs from the one usually used in France or Germany, the term from those countries is indicated as well. At the end of each half of the book is a list of abbreviations and acronyms frequently encountered in Swiss legal writings, including many single-letter abbreviations that would be impossible to find by searching online. For many of the terms, the dictionary references the precise section number where they can be found in the relevant Swiss Code or Act, making it the perfect place to start an Internet search for additional information.

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Published in April 2019, this new Swedish-English law dictionary is not a mere "word list" but a true dictionary including explanations of difficult terms. It also shows the differences between US legal English and the legal English used in England & Wales, points to the sections of laws where the terms can be found, and translates legal Latin expressions commonly used in legal Swedish. It will be of use to translators and Swedish law students.

Here is a review (in Swedish) published in Facköversättaren.

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