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The Spanish adjective caribeños is different

Ordinarily it's really easy to translate adjectives of nationality (known as gentilicios in Spanish) from Spanish into English. For example:

mexicanos = Mexicans

guatemaltecos = Guatemalans

nicaragüenses = Nicaraguans

salvadoreños = Salvadorans

uruguayos = Uruguayans

chilenos = Chileans

venezolanos = Venezuelans

cubanos = Cubans

puertorriqueños = Puerto Ricans

dominicanos = Dominicans

hondureños = Hondurans

latinoamericanos = Latin Americans

But watch what happens when the adjective is caribeños. You can't refer to a group of caribeños as "Caribbeans" in English. Instead, you have to call them "residents of the Caribbean" or "people from the Caribbean" or maybe even "Caribbean dwellers."

And the adjective españoles doesn't follow the above pattern either. People from Spain are obviously called "Spaniards" in English.

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